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Press release on the briefing for the diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding the situation in the region

Press release on the briefing for the diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding the situation in the region






No:408/23, Press release on the briefing for the diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan regarding the situation in the region




On July 27, 2023, briefing for the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan was held by Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.




During the briefing, diplomatic corps was informed about situation and realities in the region in the post-conflict period, as well as Azerbaijan-Armenia peace process.




Deputy Minister Araz Azimov brought to the attention the fact of Azerbaijan being the party initiating the peace process and declaring its readiness to normalize relations on a bilateral basis with Armenia after the war in accordance with the norms and principles of international law, in particular the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders.


Clarity of this position from the very beginning and existence of solutions with regard to the three tracks of the peace process, including the conclusion of an agreement on establishment of inter-state relations, the delimitation of the State border, and the opening of transport communications in the region were noted. It was mentioned that Azerbaijan’s peaceful intentions’ most obvious manifestation is the large-scale reconstruction activities carried out by it today in the liberated territories, as well as airports built near the border of the two countries. It was noted that military provocations of Armenia in the territories inhabited by Armenian residents in the face of Azerbaijan’s goodwill, as well as the obstruction of flights to and from the airports by radio interference revealed its true intentions.




Unacceptability of Armenia putting forward illogical and baseless demands incompatible with any international legal norms in the face of the clear position of Azerbaijan regarding the peace agenda, as well as its attempts to intervene in Azerbaijan’s internal affairs were mentioned. It was noted that the steps taken by Armenia are directly aimed at the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, and are accompanied by attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan despite the fact of the Armenian Prime Minister officially declaring the recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan. These steps being aimed at slowing down the normalization and peace process, creating new crises and unnecessary discussions in this area, as well as them serving the dangerous goals and agenda of Armenia rather than peace were also mentioned.


Speaking about the situation with regard to the Lachin road, the Deputy Minister stressed that, first and foremost, the aforementioned road is an integral part of the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, and in this regard, Azerbaijan has established a border checkpoint on its territory for the use of its citizens. Enshrinement of this right of Azerbaijan in last decision of the International Court of Justice was also mentioned. Armenia, while being unable to digest this reality and opening fire on the Border Guard officer, committing provocation against the state flag, and continuing its illegal use of Lachin road were stressed, and the fact of the restriction on the use of the Lachin road originating from the actions of Armenia was noted. Facilitation by Azerbaijan of the usage of the Lachin road for medical purposes by the Armenian residents, and its proposal for the usage of the “Aghdam-Khankendi” route for the transportation of larger cargo, which would further contribute to the reintegration of the residents into Azerbaijani society was further noted.




Moreover, Armenia blocking the usage of the aforementioned opportunities on one hand, and on the other demonstratively interfering in the internal affairs of Azerbaijan under the guise of “humanitarian assistance”, as well as it misleading the international community with a political show were noted. It was also emphasized that if Armenia truly supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, it should not object to the transportation of goods via the “Agdam-Khankendi” road and hinder the reintegration process.





In this regard, noting the importance of the responsibility of the international community, Deputy Minister stressed that before making statements deceived by the manipulations of Armenia, it is necessary to think twice about the purpose of such statements, as well as to avoid steps in violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity, including the usage of incorrect terminology.




Gratitude was expressed to the countries which supported the facilitation of peace talks, and the significance of international community explaining to Armenia the importance of being committed to a constructive dialogue was highlighted.




Later, the briefing continued with the Q&A session.



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